Panodyne is a manufacturer and supplier of Hygienic Medical and Safety Equipment, Medical Masks, Hand Sanitizers, IR Thermometers, Safety Gloves and also available a COVID-19 Test Kit.

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Fluorodine is an advanced oral care range that was specially designed to strengthen teeth and fight decay. Created with the latest innovations in the industry, Fluorodine offers complete care & special options meant to fit every need. Since its launch in 2005, Fluorodine established itself as a trusted brand that brings together high quality and great prices. This is why it is now the brand of choice for millions of consumers around the globe.

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Essence Ultra & Essence Ultra lingerie fit are modern towels with the latest advanced design features. Uniquely designed to stay in place & follow your body movements – Ultra thin Essence Ultra absorbs reliably for average daily use. The pad contains a layer of absorbent material in a water impervious flexible area within the pad.

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